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Hotel Ørkin is a comfortable place to stay in Reykjavík.  
Ørkin (the Ark) is not too far from the city centre but far enough to offer a quiet good night sleep. At Ørkin you can expect peace and privacy with spacious free parking.

Telephone: +354-568-0777  - info@hotelorkin.is

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Hotel Örkin has 20+ rooms with private bathroom, satellite TV, hair dryer and internet connection. Room prices include breakfast buffet. Örkin is a hotel that is centrally located with short walking to the central bus station and bus stops are around the corner.

Örkin is located just few minutes walking distance from Reykjavik city centre and the main shopping street. It would be a pleasure to accommodate you while you stay in Iceland. Our staff would also like to make your stay more pleasant by helping you before and during your stay. So feel free to ask us questions or help you book tours, car rentals, or getting directions.


The history of Hotel Örkin goes way back to 18th April 1959 when the Faroese seamen’s home formally opened down by the main harbour in Reykjavik. At that time it was a seamen’s home for Faroese sailors that were fishing in the seas around Iceland. The living accommodations aboard the boats were not as good as they are now. So it was good come ashore and stay at the seamen’s, have a cup of coffee, homemade bread, read the latest Faroese newspapers and rest before going out to sea again. For these sailors the seamen’s home was a home away from home and now nearly sixty years later it still is for the Faroese people who travel to Iceland for business or leisure. The current facility Hotel Örkin (The Hotel Ark) was built in 1991 and has been renovated many times since then. The Hotel (seamen’s home Örkin) is own and operated by the Faroese Seamen´s mission which is a Christian based mission in the Faroese Islands.
Today we try to keep the same homely atmosphere in the Hotel, bake fresh bread with breakfast and there is always free coffee and tea available during the day with freshly baked cakes in the afternoons for guest and visitors and of course the Faroese newspapers and magazines are available.

The Hotel Örkin own by an Non Profit Organisation established by the Faroese Seamen Mission 


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Brautarholti 29 
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Tel +354 568 0777 
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